Sunday, October 2, 2016

NFL Week 4 by the Rainmaker

NFL Week 4 Kicks Off in London!

The NFL kicked off early this morning with the +Jacksonville Jaguars and the +Indianapolis Colts facing off across the pond in a London.  This blog is being written during the game so who would have thought that the Jags would be beating the Colts by 17 in the 4th quarter.  Maybe the Colts will make a comeback and maybe they won't but it does leave you with the million dollar question.  Are the Jaguars legit this season or is Andrew Luck just inconsistent in big games?  Being the highest paid quarterback in the NFL comes with an understanding that you need to win big games regardless of what is going on.  Let's take Tom Brady for example when he took the Patriots to the playoffs time and time again with over half of the starters who started the season on injured reserve.  That's how you get it done and I'm not sure if Andrew Luck is playing on that level yet but the future begins now.

 Speaking of the +New England Patriots, it's pretty remarkable that they have not lost a home game since December 16th 2012.  The Rainmakers bold prediction today is that Rex Ryan and his +Buffalo Bills will come into New England and take the win!  You would think that this wouldn't be that big of a deal since the Patriots are on their 3rd string quarterback but as long as Bill Belichick is on your sidelines, you have a chance to win. I've got the Bills winning convincingly and being the talk of the town in Week 4.

Now for the game that had promised to be the retaliation and redemption for RGIII and his doubters will not happen.  Today the +Washington Redskins and the +Cleveland Browns match-up as Robert Griffin III had the opportunity to prove that the Redskins were incorrect in their assessment of his skills and value on the field.  In the underlying tones of the game, the Skins actually do get the first laugh as RGII is on the sidelines with an injury and won't be playing in today's contest.  This must leave the Browns with a bad taste in their mouth and I'm sure that getting a win against Washington today is very important.  I look for this to be a close contest due to Kirk Cousins consistent inconsistency and think it will come down to the final drives of the 4th quarter.

Being the Rainmaker has it's pressures and being so wrong the past few weeks is taking a toll on my confidence for sure.  I am however proud to announce that my record was 16-11-2 last week which makes me a big winner and has motivated me to write this last minute blog again here for week 4.   You can find this up to date blog by clicking this link here (CLICK ME)  Make sure you give Make It Rain Marketing a call if you have a product that you're trying to promote and just need some help from a professional at 903-420-0736.

NFL Week 4 Picks by the Rainmaker

1. Take the Browns +7.5 against Washington and take under 47.5 (LOSS) (LOSS)
2. Take Buffalo +3.5 against the Patriots and take over 41 (WIN) (LOSS)
3. Take Seattle -1 at the Jets and under 40 (WIN) (WIN)
4. Take Carolina -3 against the Falcons and over 48.5 (LOSS) (WIN)
5. Take Chicago +3 against the Lions and under 47.5 (WIN) (WIN)
6. Take Tennessee +4 against the Texans and over 40 (LOSS) (WIN)
7. Take Oakland +3.5 against the Ravens and under 45 (WIN) (LOSS)
8. Take Denver -3.5 against the Bucs and over 43
9. Take Dallas -2 against the 49ers and over 44.5
10. Take New Orleans +4 against the Chargers and under 54
11. Take LA +9.5 against the Cardinals and over 43.5
12. Take Pittsburgh -3.5 against the Chiefs and under 48
13. Take the Giants +4.5 against the Vikings and over 42.5

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