Saturday, September 10, 2016

NFL Regular Season Week 1

NFL Regular Season Week 1

It's time for a new season to begin and there are many exciting stories in the NFL today.  Last nights Super Bowl rematch of the Carolina and Denver was projected in favor of the Panthers getting some sweet revenge but it didn't play out like that.  It was surprising considering the Broncos rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian was starting for the first time and DE Von Miller  took 61 flights during the offseason totaling 71,597 miles and made 47 television appearances.  The facts are what they are and the Panthers QB Cam Newton just couldn't seem to get the job done.  A deciding factor in the Panthers first loss was highlighted by Newton who refused to watch the film of the Super Bowl and concreted his stance as a "Sore Loser."  That's just my personal opinion but there's plenty of season left to turn things around.

The Saints was in the news yesterday as well as they made  Drew Brees the second highest paid QB in the NFL.  This agreement ended the holdout just before the season started making Brees 44 million dollars richer with 40 guaranteed in the next 17 months.  I'm not even sure if Andrew Luck is the best QB in the NFL although he's got the best contract or agent at this point.  (6 year, 140 million) Both of these players have set the market for the QB position and there should be some hefty deals coming soon from Brady, Rogers and a few others.  In my opinion after watching the NFL Network everyday, Drew Brees is going to have an off game from these distractions and the Raiders have received my lock of the week.

NFL Picks for Regular Season Week 1

1. Take the Broncos +3 against the Panthers (This game has already been played:)
2. Take the Falcons -3 against the Bucs (LOSS)
3. Take the Titans +2.5 against the Vikings (LOSS
4. Take the Browns +4 against the Eagles (Take the Browns even up) (LOSS)
5. Take the Bengals -2.5 against the Jets (LOSS)
6. Take the Raiders +1 against the Saints (Drew Brees has already been paid) (WIN)
7. Take the Chiefs -7 against the Chargers (LOSS)
8. Take the Raven -3 against the Bills (Also take the under 44.5) (WIN) (WIN)
9. Take the Bears +6 against the Texans (LOSS)
10. Take the Packers -4.5 against the Jaguars (LOSS)
11. Take the Dolphins +10.5 against the Seahawks (Also take the under 44) (WIN) (WIN)
12. Take the Cowboys against the Giants  (This is a pick them game) (LOSS)
13. Take the Colts -3.5 against the Lions (LOSS)   n   
14. Take the Cardinals -6 against the Patriots (LOSS)
15. Take the Redskins +3 against the Steelers (Take the Skins even up) (LOSS)
16. Take the 49ers +2.5 against the Rams (Take the 49ers even up) (WIN)

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